About Us


Cetas jewelry is founded in 1974 in Istanbul. Company is focused on high quality fine gold jewelry production. The production is aimed to create desirable jewelry by using hollow chain, casting and stamping techniques. Cetas’s success for more than 40 years is to design jewelry by using the latest technology with combination of handmade skills.

Cetas is investing to R&D department to improve the know-how of the company and to provide the variable market needs. Today company’s headquarter is based in Kuyumcukent district in an area of 2000sqm and the production sets up on environment friendly system.

Cetas exhibits in to several international and national jewelry shows since 1989 and exporting all over the world since then. Creating desirable jewelry is one of the target on production process.

Flexibility on designs, customer services and famous luster on Cetas’s jewelry makes Cetas today one of the most preferred gold jewelry producer company in Turkey as well as in many countries.