Serving with the knowledge and experience of more than 40 years of experience, Cetaş Jewelery offers you the most stylish designs without compromising on quality. Always feel good with the Cetaş collection, designed specifically for those who want to feel different.

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Discover Cetaş

Reliability, Craftsmanship, Authenticity

With its superior quality production and craftsmanship, Cetas has become the most reliable gold jewelry producer in Turkey.

Innovative and Distinctive Designs

Cetas’s business partners discover more than thousands of trendsetter designs every year.

International Shows

Exhibiting at the most important jewelry trade fairs all around the world.

Trade Shows

Cetaş, the leading brand that directs the jewelry sector, appears in many fairs both in Turkey and abroad.


Become a Business Partner

One of the selling points to be serving in 100 different locations in Turkey and you can contact us to meet with Cetaş assurance.